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How We Can Help
Tuesday August 20 2019

Self-Help Divorce Clinic

At our self-help divorce clinic, we help clients fill out the paperwork to file for a divorce. You file the divorce in court on your own, but we are there to help you throughout the process.

In most cases, we only take simple, uncontested divorces for the clinic. If you have child custody or child support issues, please go to Family Court first, and contact us again when you get court orders from the Family Court on these issues. For custody cases, if you can't afford a lawyer, the Family Court judge must appoint one for you at your first hearing.

To find out if you qualify for our clinic, please call our Legal HelpLine at:

Toll Free: 1-877-777-6152

When listening to the message prompts, select the option to Start A Divorce and you will be transferred to
an Intake Specialist who will assist you with the divorce screening.

Please note that we can only help you if you qualify for our services.

An intake worker will talk to you first to see if you qualify.

Because our staff is limited, we still may not be able to take your case. In some cases, our services may be limited to advice only.

If we can't take your case, we will try to give you information about other places that may be able to help you.


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