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Who We Are
Monday March 30 2020

Officers & Members of the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of attorneys appointed by local bar associations, as well as clients and other community volunteers. We thank them for their ongoing commitment to low-income people, seniors and victims of violence throughout our service area.


Suba Viswanathan, Esq.
(Onondaga County)

1st Vice President:
Mary Lannon Fangio, Esq.
(Onondaga County)

2nd Vice President:
Anne Wright
(Oneida County)

Daniel B. Berman, Esq.
(Onondaga County)


Walter Bowler, Esq.
(Onondaga County)

Angela Carter
(Oneida County)

Scott Clippinger, Esq.
(Chenango County)

William O.J. Graves, Esq.
(Broome County)

Lawrence Hasseler, Esq.
(Jefferson County)

Derrick Johnson
(Onondaga County)

Daniel Kornfeld, Esq.
(Onondaga County)

Ronald Lanouette, Jr., Esq.
(Broome County)

EdieMarie Lind
(Broome County)

Tamara McGill
(Onondaga County)

Kim Mitchell
(Oneida County)

Delphine O'Rourke, Esq.
(Broome County)

Joanne Piersma, Esq.
(Oswego County)

Randy J. Schaal, Esq.
(Madison County)

Donald J. Snyder, Esq.
(Herkimer County)

Stewart L. Weisman, Esq.
(Onondaga County)

Luz Zayas
(Oneida County)

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